Working on repetitive tasks is exhausting and also decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of your work. Automating routine tasks will help you to accelerate your business growth.
It uses advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Automation is advantageous because it increases manual productivity, decreases the possibility of errors, saves time and effort and it’s Cost-effective. When you’re working in a small start-up/business then it’s easy to handle your work manually. As soon as your business expands, automation is a must increase the lead generation. There are several ways in which automation can help you grow your business, we have listed some of them below:

Enhancing Campaign Performance Using AI
To build your connections with existing or potential users, Campaigns help a lot. Don’t you think it’ll be great if anyone can help you with the statistics of previous such Campaigns so that you can start your campaign more effectively? Automation can help you here from images to end-to-end market analysis, there are various AI-driven platforms, that create a strong predictive analysis for your targeted audience.

Managing Social Media
In today’s generation, you’ll get most of your customers online, for that you need to have a social media presence. There are various social media platforms and managing them separately is a mundane work. So, different AI/ML apps are present today (like Hootsuite) that helps to handle all your social media in one place, providing many the facilities like managing your insights, scheduling content, monitoring posts, and analyzing ad campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing
Personalized marketing is effective in most of the cases and emails are the most efficient and formal way for communicating with your customers. Managing all the customer data manually and then emailing them will take a lot of time and energy. So use of AI-based data-driven email marketing will do this for you at a fraction of the cost and time .

Automate Customers Support Workflow
Customer support is very important if you want to have good relationship with your customers. But most of the time you have to do repetitive tasks for this. There are various tools like Agile CRM that enables executives to automate routine processes such as setting priorities, tasks, and statuses, routing incoming ticket etc.

• Automated Interactions with customers
Automated customer service tools primarily include chatbots and voice bots. These chatbots use features such as contextualization, intense identification, semantic assistance, and empathetic responses. These are user-friendly technologies that provide a quick responses to your customer and save your time and money.