Top 10 SEO tools

Search Engine Optimisation plays a significant role as it makes your site more visible, and that means more organic traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. So finding the best SEO tools is extremely important as it investigates the potential of Web pages for high placement on SERP. So, we have listed down the top 10 SEO tools. You can choose the tool that works best for your website.

1. Google Search Console It helps you to monitor your website’s presence on Google SERP. It’s a free tool but offers a number of features, you just have to verify your website for using it. As an SEO checker tool, it helps you in understanding how Google and its users view your website and allow you to optimize for better performance in Google search results.

2. KWFinder It’s an SEO keyword tool and suggests the best keywords based on the comparisons on volume, CPC, difficulty etc. It also helps in running analysis reports on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page). You’ll get a number of ideas on keywords that’ll help your website to rank higher.

3.Aherfs It’s one of the best SEO tools and provides a number of features, that most people can’t get enough of it. It provides various facets of SEO such as keyword research, rank tracking, competitor research, SEO audit, viral content research and much more. It helps you in finding which part of your website needs improvement and what all backlinks are being used by your competitors so that you can use them for your own brand.

4. AuthoritySpy The best thing about this tool is that it pulls search result data from a variety of online sources like Twitter, Facebook, Google +, AllTop etc. This way it helps you to find top influencers in your niche so that you can follow and potentially connect with these people.

5. SEMRush It’s one of the best marketing SEO tools with a feature of “organic traffic insights” that’ll let you find the leading articles in your niche along with the related keywords, social shares and word count, that’ll help you to understand where you need the optimisation in your website. It helps you to compare keywords and domain and check on-page SEO to easily monitor your rankings as well as find some recommendations on how to improve your website’s performance.

6. Serpstat Essentially used for content marketing, SEO and PCC, its all-in-one digital growth hacking tool. It’s a paid tool that provides various features like collecting long-tail keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns, determining the value of keywords, discovering data and analysing keywords trend.

7. Google AdWords Keyword Planner It’s a free tool by Google that helps you to “reach the right customers with the right keywords”. It helps you to get detailed reports on specific keywords including search volume and determines the competitiveness by CPC rates.

8. BuzzStream Highly usable for Digital PR, content promotion and link builders, it essentially helps in building relationships by finding influencers and keeping track for your email conversions. It provides a deep insight into outreach campaigns and link placements through customizable reports.

9.Linkody This tool handles all your backlinks. Its analyses your website’s backlinks, disavow bad links, generate backlink reports, connect to Google Analytics and monitor site’s social shares.

10. Link-able It focuses on your content while employing others to handle link building. It’s has a unique approach for expanding your traffic by boosting Search Engine Optimisation Techniques. Marketer posts a specific request on its website with backlink details that he/she wants. Authors have access to the project database and can submit proposals to marketers. This way, Link-able connects the two parties, and the work is guaranteed.

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Use of automation to help scale your company

Working on repetitive tasks is exhausting and also decreases the efficiency and effectiveness of your work. Automating routine tasks will help you to accelerate your business growth.
It uses advanced technologies like Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. Automation is advantageous because it increases manual productivity, decreases the possibility of errors, saves time and effort and it’s Cost-effective. When you’re working in a small start-up/business then it’s easy to handle your work manually. As soon as your business expands, automation is a must increase the lead generation. There are several ways in which automation can help you grow your business, we have listed some of them below:

Enhancing Campaign Performance Using AI
To build your connections with existing or potential users, Campaigns help a lot. Don’t you think it’ll be great if anyone can help you with the statistics of previous such Campaigns so that you can start your campaign more effectively? Automation can help you here from images to end-to-end market analysis, there are various AI-driven platforms, that create a strong predictive analysis for your targeted audience.

Managing Social Media
In today’s generation, you’ll get most of your customers online, for that you need to have a social media presence. There are various social media platforms and managing them separately is a mundane work. So, different AI/ML apps are present today (like Hootsuite) that helps to handle all your social media in one place, providing many the facilities like managing your insights, scheduling content, monitoring posts, and analyzing ad campaigns.

Automated Email Marketing
Personalized marketing is effective in most of the cases and emails are the most efficient and formal way for communicating with your customers. Managing all the customer data manually and then emailing them will take a lot of time and energy. So use of AI-based data-driven email marketing will do this for you at a fraction of the cost and time .

Automate Customers Support Workflow
Customer support is very important if you want to have good relationship with your customers. But most of the time you have to do repetitive tasks for this. There are various tools like Agile CRM that enables executives to automate routine processes such as setting priorities, tasks, and statuses, routing incoming ticket etc.

• Automated Interactions with customers
Automated customer service tools primarily include chatbots and voice bots. These chatbots use features such as contextualization, intense identification, semantic assistance, and empathetic responses. These are user-friendly technologies that provide a quick responses to your customer and save your time and money.

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How To Get The Best Slots To Play Online251

Best Slots To Play Online

How To Get The Best Slots To Play Online

The best slots to play online is something that every online casino lover wishes to get their hands on. In fact, one can get trapped in a rut if they stick to only the more popular casinos and avoid the ones that have not managed to make a name for themselves yet. The internet has made this kind of situation easier to handle for people who know where to look. However, what makes the task even easier is that there are so many websites out there that claim to be the best in the business and offer a variety of slots that you can choose from.

Before choosing the best slots for play online, it’s important to look at rankings for various casino websites. Search the best games to play online and read reviews in order to see which ones are most popular. By doing so, you can then manage to get the right game that meets your requirements. Also, you can save time as well. If you are just going to play a few times before you move on, then you do not need to read the thousands of reviews and choose a site based on that alone.

There are hundreds of slot games to choose from. From the basic blackjack to roulette and even poker, there are plenty of slots out there which you can choose from. It is important that you do not spend too much on the site that you choose, as this might just lead to disappointment. Instead, just look at the games that suit your budget. For example, if you are looking for something that offers instant jackpots, then you should not opt for the free sites. The best slots to play online would be the sites that offer them. If the prizes offered are worth your while and also if you are capable of playing those games, then this is the right place to go.

Slots to play online are available in a wide variety of varieties and you should not feel confined to the games which are commonly found in casinos. Online casinos are not the only ones that can provide you with these types of online gaming options. You can also play slots in any online casino, which is open for online gaming. games. There is no reason why you shouldn’t try to play slots in any casino that you want to. In fact, this is one of the reasons why you should get to have your choice narrowed down to casinos that offer slot games like blackjack or roulette or even video poker.

Online slots are quite easy to learn and the learning curve doesn’t take too long. In fact, anyone can have the ability to learn how to play slot games as long as they stick to a regular schedule. In fact, there are sites that offer lessons which include tips and hints that guide beginners through every step. This is another factor that makes them ideal to learn how to play slots quickly. Most beginners do not know that the actual act of playing slots doesn’t take long at all.

Slot games are quite simple and there is no reason why you should not learn how to play slots because they can be quite entertaining. Therefore, there is no excuse for not playing the games because they are so simple. It is therefore a good idea to play slots even if you are a novice in the world of casino games.

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