CSV Dialer Pro


CSV auto dialer is an app which will be used to call multiple number on the one go using campaign or CSV file, with call recording, scheduling, database sync feature with multiple CRM with SMS, Email and payment gateway link to manage any employee any where with data security feature.

CSV dialler pro will be used with almost every Android mobile in the world as it will have multiple versions for multiple devices.

We have comprehensive packages so you can choose any package as you want as per your requirement. You can also upgrade or downgrade at any point of time.

If internet breaks in between, calling process will not stop and when internet comes back, everything will be synced then and there.

When we do a bulk calling, we always think to update the database so with this app your database will always be fresh every time.

CSV Bulk Dialer (Lite - Free download for Android)

If you have a spreadsheet/excel/ CSV file of leads and you are looking for automatic dialer/ CSV android dialler/ GSM Dialer/ Bulk dialer/ productive dialer to dial each and every number quickly to increase the productivity, we made an app for you.

Now you can simply use an application in your smartphone to dial multiple numbers on the one go and that is absolutely free. You don’t need any costlier computer and accessories (VoIP or IP phone) and don’t have to keep dialling the contact numbers individually.

You can download this application from Play store which has a beautiful user interface (dark theme so that you can use this ap as long as you want without hampering your eyes) with effective results. You can dial up to 500 numbers in a day which is almost impossible for mankind to dial in a single day.

CSV & bulk dialer app solves multiple purposes. With the free version, you can only dial multiple numbers using CSV file and record the calls using your inbuilt recorder. However, with the pro version, you can use Database management, CRM integration, Admin panel, SMS, Invoicing, employee management, attendance, recording, Pause / Resume, Set Roles, browser dialling, Payment gateway, reminder, automation and many more features.

Every SMB owners hire agents to call their customer (Outbound) to increase revenue but due to some will or skill issues, productivity gets hampered and thus the revenue.

Its process is so simple, Simply open the app in your smartphone, load the CSV file and start dialling it … that’s it !!!

The best part of the App is that you need not dial every number separately. You can load the CSV file and click on the “start dialling” button. Once started, it will keep on calling the number one by one so that you can save you precious time, money and energy.

Since calling the number manually takes ages and is a hectic process for a person who does it, we solved this issue and made this beautiful app for you. The best part of CSV & bulk dialer App is that it uses local calling service (GSM SIM) so you can recharge your sim with a nominal charge and keep calling your customers easily.

This way you can save lots of money for your telecom bills and you can get the benefits without any kind of charge for the application. That’s true; you can access the application and expand your business with the vast techniques used for the preparation of the App.

Thereafter, you can purchase the feature which you want with in-app purchase functionality or you can go for a higher-paid package of the App which provides some extra features as discussed above. The app is proving an excellent resource for increasing the quality and effectiveness of the business.

Please download and install in your Android phone free of cost from this link:

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