Little bit about Zendesk.

Every CRM tool has its own specialty which comes with different functionalities and features. It may happen that in one CRM, you may have different options but those options may be unavailable in others. We have been using multiple CRM software’s and got to know about each of them well one by one after investing some time.

As of now we can not rank which one is good and which one is not  but we will speak about Zendesk support which is the best tool which we have ever used. It is so simple to use that it never appears that we are working under any pressure. We don’t have to find any options .. everything is ready to use. Zendesk support is an online tool which is used widely around the globe by more than 1,50,000 trusted customers.

Above number shows that Zendesk has a good customer database and for that’s for sure that the tool is good. While using Zendesk support we wanted to have few features which is hardly available in other CRM’s as well. Hence we started our search to find a solution but we could not find any. Hence we decided to make our own apps which every company wants to use to increase the productivity. These are given below:

Bulk Data Manager - Zendesk App

Bulk Data Manager is an app which solves the purpose of handling the data in bulk. While using Zendesk support, We noticed that we had multiple customers and we wanted to call them for marketing our product or services. It was very hard to open every customer’s information or ticket and then read the comments and then call the customers. It took more than an hour to call 20 customers hence we decided not to call this way. We tried to add every customers info in a different tab and tried to manage it for a while, it helped me for some time and then we got irritated with this activity.

We tried contacting Zendesk support customer service to find any solution to manage the data in bulk and they had the same “scripting replies”. Bulk Data Manager became my first priority to deal with or else we were about to leave Zendesk.  Hence we decided to make this app as it was on top in  our list of activity. Before jumping to the app development activity a curious question came in my mind to search for the same app in market place … that seemed interesting to me. 

We headed over to Zendesk market place and tried to find some app which could solve my purpose. We have checked almost every app which were related to data management but we could not find any hence we got disappointed. Then we took oath to make the to solve the problem which we were facing . After working several hours with my development team, we made Bulk Data Manager app and tested for others too. Since it was a solution to problem, we  did not put higher pricing model as it may help others as well. If you also want to try the same web app , try to search for Bulk Data Manager in Zendesk marketplace by Hexerve Solutions, you will find one. Please click on this following button:

Time Zone Converter - Zendesk App


Time zone converter is an app which brings agent and customer on the same page while interacting with each other through Zendesk.. Not understood ? No problem, let me explain in a better way. You might have interacted with the customer from a different geographical location and thus different time zone. It is very hard to understand their time and calculate our time for further processing. Like in USA we have 6 Time Zone but we deal with 4 mostly and when you are from different location, you always need to open a different tool to understand the Timezone of the customer to support them better. In the similar way we have every possible options available in this app.

Time Zone converter Zendesk app solves every purpose of scheduling and converting the time. You simply have to install this app directly into your Zendesk support tool and it will start working on every ticket when ever they are opened. When Agent starts working on any case, this app will show customer time zone in their format and just below that you will your time zone, so it will be very easy to calculate irrespective time zone of each other. Best part about this app is that it does not use any server so your information will be secure on Zendesk portal itself. When you convert your time with respect to customer or vice versa, you will get an option to schedule a reminder so that you will be notified later on. Once you are satisfied with the options, you can confirm the reminder.

This creates an automation in the background when we schedule a reminder in Time Zone Converter app and when time comes, it is executed automatically. You can add many recipients as you want. Since all the automation gets installed when we install the app so we can not change anything in this app however for any customization, we are open ! When we set the reminders, new sets of tags are created which keeps on checking the future occurrence. Please check this Time Zone Converter app in Zendesk app market place.

Screenshot Taker Tool

Screenshot taker is a requirement of today’s generation IT businesses. If you are in Website development or Theme development business, you always require an online tool to increase the productivity weather it is related to coding, designing, developing, testing or imaging. Online tools are very handy as it can be used from anywhere in the world with just a small credentials. Here we are focusing on an online tool which helps us to take the screenshot of any or many websites on a single click. This seems impossible, right? But this is true. Let me explain how it works but before that we should know that how it is made?

Screenshot taker is made with the latest technology ( Node JS and Boot strap ) so it is really a new pinch to the geekers at the time of writing this article. Gone are the days when we use to take the screenshot of every pages one by one for documentation and testing purpose, this is new Era and there is no scope of old methodologies which use to slow down the screenshot process. In Screenshot taker tool, we used headless browser which runs on the server side to load the website one by one and take the screenshots for every kind of resolutions and devices and save them in different folders as per requirement. This seemed exiting to us when we made a blueprint for this but thanks to our developer team, they made it possible to make this product.
Screenshot taker tool has many new features which can load the CSV file with 100’s of Weblinks and multiple pages with multiple devices which automate your entire tasks as per the requirement. You can do the work of several hours in just a blink of eyes time. If you are fed up with repetitive task and old methods, try this Screenshot taker tool. In this tool, we have provided multiple options to save the repetitive tasks as a preset to reload at a later point of time. isn’t it seemed exciting? if yes, please try once and I am sure you will love this as you have been wasting your time in some manual works with some unwanted software’s. Go to Screenshot taker website
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