About Us

Hexerve Solutions focuses on day to day operational problems and provide technologically advanced automated solutions in most efficient, cost effective and structured way. we provide wide range of technology solutions with flexible pricing models depending upon the business needs.

Our Vision

“Our Vision is to eliminate manual and repetitive work by implementing contemporary technology solutions and keep up with the fast changing world”


Chat Bots

We help our customers to raise the interaction experience to the next level using Chat bots and Live Chats by which our customers are up to date.

Zendesk Apps

Here we have the collection of daily usage Zendesk apps with latest technology to increase the productivity of some repetitive tasks which consumes a lot of time.

Our Solutions

Data Management Solutions

Our Data Management Solutions is one of the most advanced solutions using Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Technology Consultancy

Our experts cover wide range of industries and ensure that our client are kept up-to-date about the latest technology changes.

Professional Services

Hexerve facilitates development and support activities and work on flexible pricing model such as the On-demand etc.

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